In the Community

Working with our community and customers to make the Bay Area a better place.

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Where We Work: The Bayview

Bayview, where Good Eggs is based, is the traditional home of food production in San Francisco (so much so that it was once called "Butchertown"). Good Eggs is proud to continue the tradition, bringing good jobs, investment and services to the area.

Bayview Community Partners include

  • Economic Development on Third
  • Merchants of Butcher Town
  • we also work with:
  • Bayview Senior Services
  • Bayview YMCA


SF Bay Area Schools

Good Eggs partners with local schools and non-profits to help them raise money. To date it's worked with over 65 schools and organizations and raised over $55,000. How it works: Participants shop on Good Eggs and the company gives 10% of the sales back to the partner organization. Funds have gone to provide entire scholarships, support field trips, and build school gardens.



Mission Driven

Good Eggs partners with those who share its mission of reinventing the food system for good.  

Through giveaways and events, we've supported International Women's Day, A Day Without Immigrants, and others whose work supports the same cause.