Good Eggs Promises

As a company committed to providing customers with absurdly fresh, good-for-you food, Good Eggs maintains strict criteria for quality, flavor and ethical business practices. The evaluation process includes producer interviews, visits to farms and production facilities, and product taste-testing to make sure everything is in line with those standards. 




It tastes amazing.

Because if the flavor’s not there, none of the rest of it matters. 

We taste-test everything (it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it). If it doesn’t pass, we won’t carry it.



Local whenever possible. 

So you get the freshest stuff with the smallest carbon footprint, among a ton of other great reasons. We define local as within 250 miles, compared to about 750 for Whole Foods. We carry 80% local goods, compared to about 10% at Whole Foods and 1% at Safeway. Still, there are things that simply aren’t available locally, so we pick thoughtfully sourced imports to ensure you’ve got what you need.



100% Supply Chain Transparency

So you can stop wondering if there’s a sinister backstory behind every item. Most people don’t have time to get to know their food producers. So we do it for you. We talk directly to our producers, visit their farms, and demand 100% transparency across the entire supply chain — from the name of the fishing boat captain to the most obscure ingredient in that prepared meal.




Nobody likes squinting at labels, wondering what’s in their food. We believe in simple, real food without weird chemicals or additives. Ingredients should be a short list of things you can pronounce. The criteria for ingredients we allow are some of the most rigorous in the industry. We don’t have space here to list all the things we don’t permit, but reach out if you have specific questions!



So you can eat meat without guilt. The head of our meat program used to be vegetarian, which says a lot for the humane standards we set for our meats. No one has higher standards for the treatment of animals than we do, and the result is true outdoor access for them, vastly better quality, health, and flavor (along with peace of mind!) for you. Is it more expensive than factory-farmed? It can be. But the true cost of cheap meat just leaves a bad taste in our mouths. 




They’re partners with a stake in the business. So you know that everyone up and down the line from driver to CEO is motivated to make Good Eggs great. We also make it a priority to work with suppliers who treat their workers fairly. We believe good food has a ripple effect—our personal health, the health of our communities, and ultimately our planet. Labor is a critical piece of that vision.