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Who We Are

Good Eggs is the simplest way to feed your family, all week long. We're an online grocery and meal kit delivery service that combines absurdly fresh local produce, meal kits for every occasion, grocery staples, and wine, beer, and spirits to wash it down -- all delivered same-day to Bay Area homes. 

How We Do It

We believe in drawing a straight line from our customer’s kitchen to the finest stuff available by partnering directly with local producers, paying them fairly, and investing in their businesses as we grow ours. We believe in hiring people who are passionate about reinventing the food system and giving employees at all levels a stake in making it happen.

We aren’t a puffed-up Silicon Valley startup, ready to vaporize on a gust of wind. Rather, with our roots in the community and the producers we serve, we’ve grown authentically, focused on healthy economics and creating a rock solid business for the long haul.

Our Story

Good Eggs was founded in the summer of 2011 in San Francisco by Rob Spiro and Alon Salant as an alternative to the old, big-box grocery model that no longer works for the way people live, eat and feed their families. It’s our vision to make eating absurdly fresh food at home the new default, rather than the exception, by reinventing your food system, for good. Today led by CEO Bentley Hall, we serve the majority of the Bay Area, and have added over 1,000 items across categories to our comprehensive-but-curated marketplace including meal kits, wine, beer, and spirits. As we've grown, we've remained steadfast in our founding mission: over 70% of our assortment is local, and every item carried must meet a strict list of sourcing standards.

Good Eggs is privately owned, and investors include Benchmark, Index Ventures, Obvious Ventures, and others.