feel like I have just discovered the greatest thing ever! Not to be weird, but when I read the Good Eggs welcome magazine that came with my order, I felt all choked up and teary…like it was written for me and it is going to make my life so much better in a way that I feel so good about! Local, healthy, clean, real food that is responsibly sourced! Employees that are treated well and part of the company! Beautiful, engaging, thoughtful and humorous marketing! Totally reasonable prices! All of it! I am totally excited about the whole thing.

I love to cook and have 2 teenagers that love good healthy food - sadly, I have no time to come up with idea and then go shopping. This solves everything!

The food was delicious and easy!! I am 100% stoked about this new discovery and can’t wait to order again!!!”


I have been really in love with the dinner kits. I read one review that said something like ‘it’s what I always wished Blue Apron was’ and that’s exactly right. Having things pre-cut, pre-marinated, even pre-cooked is absolutely game changing in the meal-prep service. I’ve tried quite a few of them. Anyhow, keep up the good work! We have already dropped our CSA box to every other week, and I’m thinking about getting rid of it all together because with the dinner box it’s becoming redundant.

Another fan

I happened to read Bentley Hall’s memo in reaction to Amazon buying Whole Foods and thought, “ Who is this “Good Eggs”?” So, while I was sitting at my computer, procrastinating about getting myself out the door to go grocery shopping, I went to your website…organic, local, and “absurdly fresh”, all at the top of my list. I did my shopping, noting that your pricing was also competitive with my local organic food store, crossed my fingers and hoped the hype was true. Later in the day, my groceries arrived. I have to say I was blown away! My produce was beautiful and very, very fresh (absurdly fresh!), and the refrigerated items were all carefully packed with ice. All the packaging was compostable, too. Loved the easy shopping, efficient delivery, and quality of food! I’m hooked!

Thank you, Good Eggs!